Crazy news

Today's collection of news is particularly nuts. Lots of people ruining their lives in stupid ways.

A North Dakota official resigns after pleading guilty to stealing an envelope full of cash he found on a convenience store counter.. Illinois governor arrested for trying to sell Obama's open Senate seat...three people in Stockton, CA arrested for holding a teen boy prisoner for over a year...West Fargo man sentenced for exposing himself to young children...Thief River Falls nurses sentenced for posing as doctors to get perscription drugs...O. J. Simpson...oh, never mind.

The craziest of all is that Caroline Kennedy is being considered for appointment to Hillary Clinton's New York Senate seat. Caroline has done nothing but spend her life being a Kennedy. Haven't we had enough of people getting by on their family name?

Oh, and for good measure, Fred Barnes wrote an article on Jeb Bush last week, stronging hinting that he could be preparing for a presidential run. It might be wishful thinking on the part of the sycophantic Barnes, but you never know.

What are the chances that the most qualified person in the country to be president would be from the immediate family of two other presidents? Absolutely zilch. It is old-time dynastic royal succession. It is what we fought a Revolution to avoid, yet the desire for a royal family lives on in our genes.