Spent the day taping episodes of Little Garden on the Prairie. Today, there was a professional cameraman who was knowledgeable about lighting. It was fascinating to watch him work. He adjusted and adjusted until he got it right. I was watching on the monitor, and every improvement was worth the trouble.

I am slowly catching on to how to speak on camera. It gets easier with every taping. But man, does it take time. I can't believe the work that goes into a five-minute segment. I am completely worn out.

Tomorrow, we tape again. It is our last taping before the first episode is aired in late January.

For those in the Fargo area: I will be signing books at B. Dalton in West Acres on Saturday afternoon from 1 to 4 p.m. Please stop by and say hi if you are in the mall, as it will help to pass the time. I am not big on book signings as it is really humiliating to sit out there on the mall at a table and have people avert their eyes so they don't meet your eyes and feel obligated to buy a book just to make you feel better for sitting there all alone. It is not a dignified position. But if I can visit with somebody, even the guy who sweeps the floor, it makes it all bearable.

So, we'll see you Saturday.