Nursery party

Had a fun Christmas party at my house last night. I wish I would have taken more pictures, but I was pretty busy hosting. Above is my mother, right, with Darlene and Sharon.

Gift shop manager Dot visits with Tom, Darlene's husband and father to the Dean and Jeff, who built my house. In fact, Tom came out of retirement to help. He patiently varnished the windows, including the one behind him in this picture. I believe he put on seven coats. 

Nick, left, is finishing up his elementary teaching degree, although he works at the nursery every spring as well as this fall, and Travis, right, is completing high school in Fertile. 

Jordan and Cory, back, with their beautiful girlfriends Kelsey and Gina, plus some other old coot, center bottom. 

Twenty-one employees made it to the party, as well as many guests. The minimum time you need to put in at the nursery to qualify for the Christmas party is one hour. Neighbor Diane won the prize this year for least hours to qualify--she helped us plant the gardens for a day or two in June. 

Brother Joe cooked a 16 lb. prime rib outside in an enclosed grill Dad built out of cinder blocks. I heard it was delicious. By the time I made it through the line it had been devoured!