Early Christmas with Aunt Olla

Despite the cold temperatures, Aunt Olla was game to come out to Mom and Dad's for supper this evening. It was a good time. She was in fine form, telling stories and cracking jokes. The biggest challenge: The carpet. The Fertile Hilton has tile floors on which you can just shuffle along. Shag carpet after months of shuffling is a rude awakening.

Mom made a big meal. Pork chops, squash soup, riced potatoes, gravy, corn, parsnips, beans and carrots. Olla seemed to eat pretty well.

After the meal, Olla told stories about the old days. I know most of them already, so I just said, "tell the one about..." and she would launch off into a story, often one substantially different than the one I remembered.

Then we sang hymns. Olla's eyes are getting too muddled by macular degeneration to read the fine print, but she was able to pick out a few hymns for the rest of us to sing.

On the way back into town, I informed her that I was leaving in two days and would be gone for six weeks. That didn't go over too well.