Truth or Consequences

How did this town in New Mexico get its name? Well, it won a contest in 1950 sponsored by the radio show of that name and changed the town's name to the show's name in return for lots of national recognition and subsequent annual visits from the show's host. The town was formerly called Hot Springs.

Truth or Consequences is a great place to stop over on the way to Arizona. The Comfort Inn there has the nicest beds of any hotel I have been in recently. Three years ago when I stopped here, I noticed the beds. Turns out that was when a few hotel chains were getting expensive beds in order to boost business. In this case, it worked. Even though I hadn't been on the road much more than three hours, I couldn't resist stopping. I immediately took a two hour nap.

About one block away from the hotel is a New Mexican restaurant called La Cocina which is about the best of its kind I have ever encountered. The chili rellenos were utterly perfect.

Tomorrow, Tucson.