Truth or Consequences to Tucson

The cholla cactus, above, looks like some sort of outlandish animal in the savannah-like grass near Silver City, NM today. 

I took some back roads. Ended up backtracking about 30 miles, but since I didn't have so far to go, using the old usual route seemed boring. The first part of the back road journey seemed a little bleak. Later, this was more typical. At one point, the grass made it look like the larger plants, the junipers, Joshua trees and cholla cacti, were rising from a thickfog.

By sunset, I had reached Tucson. This is why I go south. It was 70 degrees. This is the view from the balcony of the hotel I will stay in until the apartment opens up on the first of the year. 

Tucson never disappoints.