It's a great life if you don't weaken

That was Aunt Olla's quote this morning when I stopped into the Hilton while I was in town. The quote, I found out when I got home, was spoken by a man named John Buchan in 1919 and is regarded as the 18th most memorable quote in the English language, according to one website's ranking.

But, as I sat there and we attempted to visit, Olla said "the vibes aren't right." Neither of us was particularly talkative. Neither of us are morning people. So I didn't stay all that long.

Olla did get in a couple of stories. One was about the student of her's named Pete from District 29 who made it big and then flew Olla and some of the other schoolkids to Babbitt, MN in his Lear Jet to his favorite restaurant. There were horrible winds, and the Lear jet was bounced around quite a bit. Even so, there was a stewardess who took care of their every need.

Pete was a pretty quiet kid, but one time Olla and the children were putting on a Thanksgiving feast at the same time Olla read the story of the first Thanksgiving. At the point where the Pilgrims killed the turkey, little Peter pulled out a BB pistol and shot the stovepipe, which made quite a noise. Olla figured out what happened, but just let it go. "I figured he was showing interest," Olla said, although later she pulled him aside and asked him not to do it again.

Things that wouldn't happen today.