Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all you blog readers. Hope everybody is playing it safe in this weather.

Oddly, three people died two days ago in a weather related incident near Casa Grande, AZ. A dust storm came up and in the confusion, there was a pile-up.

Lance and I are heading up to celebrate Christmas with friends in Phoenix tomorrow. They have three kids, so it will be good to be around kids for Christmas.

Tonight, we ate Thai food for Christmas Eve. Delicious.

Although there is sunshine aplenty here in Tucson, I have been sleeping a lot the past couple of days, just as I would be if I were at home in the blizzard. Two naps per day.

In fact, when I lay (lie? Grammar advisors, please advise) down for yet another nap, I visualize the snow swirling around outside, the furnace kicking in, and all of the other trappings of a cozy winter evening in Minnesota.

My house now doesn't have a furnace, and neither did the house in which I spent most of my growing up years. However, we did have a trailer house for a time, and that furnace would kick in--which was a relief because you could feel the cold seeping in through the seams between furnace sessions. Also, the furnace kicked in and rumbled in Grandpa and Grandma's old house. So, the sound of a furnace fills me with nostalgia.

Grandpa kept the thermometer at about seventy-nine degrees all winter, so their old house was a cozy place to be and I would get quite sleepy when visiting. Grandpa napped all the time, too. In his recliner. On the rickety old couch. Wherever.

Change of topic: The trains are talking to each other in downtown Tucson right now. They bounce their whistle sounds off the surrounding mountains and, thanks to the Doppler effect, the sounds come back in another key. When two trains come through at once, it can get pretty antiphonal. Or fugal. And it seems like the two engineers sound their whistles in response to each other. If I had a recording system, I would make a tape of it. Train whistles are a grand form of music, especially amongst mountains.