Christmas is for kids

Sisters Naya and Natasha in the foreground with brother Dima a blur in the background. Brother Dima is always a blur, so this is an accurate depiction.

Added bonus: A mooning Santa.

About eight years ago, I visited my friends Al and Rhonda, parents of the above trio, just as they were moving from one house to another. I ended up sleeping on the floor in Naya's former room the last night the family was in their house. At about five in the morning, a one-year-old Naya opened the door to her former room, toddled in, snuggled up to me and fell asleep on my arm. I was so flattered that to avoid waking her, I contorted myself in such a way that I crushed my glasses beyond recognition.

This has become one of those stories that I tell every time I see Naya--to the point where she knows it better than me.