Hilton update

Called Aunt Olla back in the old country this evening. She sounds utterly chipper. She and her roommate often, "erupt in peals of laughter," to quote Olla directly. A snowdrift has grown to cover half of the window in Olla's room, which makes things real cozy. Olla can't believe the elegance of the designs in the snow.

Otherwise, the same refrains: Olla's book is going nowhere. She still hopes to get all her boxes organized before she dies. In fact, my first job after I return from Tucson is to go through the boxes with her. And the Hilton is the best nursing home in the world. It must be, Olla said, because she couldn't imagine any place better.

Olla and her roommate Bernice are trying to cut down on television, but this terrorist thing has sort of put the kabosh on those plans. It is on all day. And Olla can't turn it off.

I haven't been watching the news, but if this sort of feeble effort is all the terrorists have, we're pretty safe. They're a joke. They should be treated as little more than suicidal vandals. They clearly are nota threat to our civilization. All of the orange alerts and yellow alerts and frisking of grandmas at airports should just stop. Such Orwellian measures only give these idiots more credit than they deserve and add an authoritarian flavor to our airports that only the afraid could love.

Just do the police work. If somebody announces they're a threat, or if their father warns you that they are a threat, as happened in this case, then maybe they are a threat! And maybe that news should be communicated to the proper authorities! And maybe that person should be really, really frisked!

I can quickly think of twenty ways terrorists could disrupt our lives without trying to get on an airplane. That they keep trying to get on airplanes, the very place they are least likely to get by with an attack, is a tribute to their mind-numbing stupidity.