What's this weblog going to be about?

I write a weekly column for a handful of newspapers in northwestern Minnesota. All too often it is the only writing I do in a week. It seems I need an audience, even an imagined one, to motivate myself to write. And so, I hope to make daily entries into this weblog as a way of putting thoughts on paper on a daily basis. If anybody cares to read the entries, so much the better.

The weblogs which gain popularity seem to be concerned with daily political affairs. The energy these webloggers put into dissecting every last shred of political commentary which comes their way amazes me. I have no such ambitions. In the rare instance when I have been able to insulate myself from the daily news for days or weeks on end, I have found myself better off, not worse. To avoid becoming consumed by the output of the American Media Machine, I hope to avoid comment on anything which appears on the nightly news.

I love baseball, and am always tempted to write at length about it. However, the failure of the Cubs and Red Sox, as well as the earlier failure of my favorite, the Twins, will probably keep me off that topic for a while!

What's left? We'll see.