Round Robin

My father's siblings have, for as long as I remember, had a Round Robin. As a child, it would have been impossible to imagine that any family did not have a Round Robin! When the Robin came in the mail, it was a good day. If we went a long time without getting the Robin, somebody might call around to see who was holding it up.

The Round Robin is a circular letter which works its way from sibling to sibling. It contains a letter from each. When it comes to you, you take out your old letter and put in a new one.

What I find curious is--although all the uncles and aunts are now on email, and correspond quite frequently that way, the Robin has survived, and goes around at about the same speed it always has--even faster! What that says to me is that, although we are in constant touch, by phone or electronic means, people still enjoy letters.

As a member of a lower generation, I am not in the Robin's circulation, and neither are the other cousins. My Aunt Beth decided a while back that the cousins might like to read up on the goings on in the family. When the Robin reaches her, she copies it off and mails it to the cousins. I think there are 18 of them total. Seeing the fat Robin envelope is almost as much fun now as it was when I was a child--when long distance was costly, and email nonexistent. It helps that the Bergeson family is a varied and fascinating bunch.

This week, Beth's copies of the Robin arrived on my desk before the actual Robin made it into Mom and Dad's mailbox. For some reason, having early access to the Robin's contents gave me an illicit sense of triumph.