Grandpa columns

The columns I write about my grandfather always get good response. It seems that just mentioning him in a column insures that people will remember it, even those who never met Grandpa, or who know nothing about him.

I spent twenty years as a sort of right-hand man to Grandpa after he turned over the reins of the nursery to Mom and Dad. People loved Grandpa for his enthusiasm, friendliness and genius. I define genius here as "creative originality." He had that! To his family, however, he was often a difficult enigma.

Grandpa seems like a good topic for a book. His eccentricities were endless, and he dominated every scene he walked into. In fact, I have tried writing one about him under the working title The Grandpa Years, but the thing hasn't gelled yet. Of course, it is up to a writer to make it gel through sheer effort. If I have learned anything about writing it is that effort is more important than inspiration! But its nice to have a little inspiration, too. So, I will wait for the call of the Muse a while longer before attempting to summon it.