Pumpkin Patch

The annual Pumpkin Patch celebration in Twin Valley, a meatball dinner benefit and variety show for the Nursing Home auxillary, was held in the Twin Valley high school gym last night. At least a couple of hundred people were in attendance.

Brother Joe and I took turns at the piano in the gym between the meal and the show. It is always interesting what having an audience, even a most forgiving one, does to piano pieces you thought you knew! A Joplin ragtime piece which usually goes fine for me sort of fell apart last night. However, when you are playing background music for a big crowd, the best thing is to just plow onwards and nobody will notice but your own relatives, who have heard the thing 100s of times before.

Joe played some improvised blues, Chopin waltzes, and a waltz he wrote himself. During the show, he played guitar and we sang together "Will the Circle Be Unbroken" and "Unclouded Day." We learned the first song in the past two days, so I was pretty dependent upon the lyrics sheet.

Ours was one of many lighthearted local acts, both theatrical and musical. The highlight of the evening, however, as always, was the meatball dinner. Small town dinners! Keep 'em comin. Those ladies feed you like you've just come in from threshing. Without asking, I was handed a plate with overflowing with three big meatballs, three big dollops of mashed potatoes, gravy, pickles, as well as corn and a cold broccoli salad. When the lady came with the coffee pot and said, "coffee for the Norskies?" I couldn't resist a little shot to go with the delicious desert. It kept me alert well into the night.