In line at the referendum

A referendum to pass a levy on property taxes for the Fertile-Beltrami school was held yesterday. Voting took place at the school. When I arrived, there was a long line to vote. Lots of jokes about getting flu shots, since the line looked a little bit like we would all get pricked at the front. After the snow of the past few days, I think it was a nice break for people to get out of the house and have an excuse to stand in line with people you seldom have a chance to talk to. I know it was for me. Talked to dozens of people. Lots of laughs.

A line is not a bad thing. It equals people out. There is a camaraderie of a shared mission. I think a lot of people make new friends while standing in line. Of course, in the small town you know everybody in the line already. But knowing them doesn't mean you ever talk to them. So, a line can be a place to shoot the bull. From the couple in front of me I heard a couple of stories about my grandfather. From the two guys behind me, I learned something about hunting rifles.

The mood was jovial. Hey, let's throw in a few extra bucks for the kids. You could tell the ones who were opposed. Their faces were a little tight. But their faces are always a little bit tight.