Monday, Monday

Foggy this morning, but warmer. I much prefer temps right around freezing with overcast to cold and clear--during the day, at least. When it is in the single digits, clear and windy; when you drive to town accompanied by those wisps of dry snow sliding across the highway, that's when winter seems like it will never end. A few drips off the eaves, a crow cawing from the treetop, a foggy morning, and a person can imagine its the end of March.

Today I am going to drive around and try to find places to sell the book. Drugstores were a good venue for the past two books, but this past summer, I think every one of them sold out to a chain. That makes things a bit more complex, as they have to get permission from headquarters to stock a new item. We'll know by the end of the day how it turns out.

My marketing dream is to have the book next to the tabloids at the checkout at Hugo's grocery store. All of 'em. I am going to try to find out who is in charge of the magazines for the chain and see if I can't get them to try it on one checkout lane. My gut feeling is that the shelf space is controlled by the entity which sells the magazines, but its worth a shot.

There are some old friends to visit: Shirley and Marnie Thompson of Thompson Hardware in Red Lake Falls have enthusiastically sold the last two books. They have amazing traffic. Shirley has turned that place into much more than a hardware store.