Thursday dawns bright and sunny

Fresh snow, blue sky, sunshine, icicles, hoar-frost on the swamp willows. A sparkling winter's easier to get out of bed when the sun shines through the bedroom window...MPR at full volume doesn't wake me up if its cloudy...neither does a stiff cup of now approaching the bottom of a tin of Folger's...I suspect the grounds at the grounds of a tin lack freshness...I expect a good jolt tomorrow morning when I open a new tin...of Hazelnut! no less...going to Fargo today...have an appointment, no other excuse needed...will peddle books on the way there and looking at heading south the first week of December...might go the north way this time, Seattle, down the coast, over to Tucson...

TRAVEL is hard work, I find. But it livens one up and creates good memories. The ten days I spent touring baseball stadiums this summer were utterly unforgettable. So many different sights, sounds, people, places. Had I spent the same 10 days stuck in my usual routines here at home, not one thing from that time would stand out in my memory. But from the trip I have 100s of memories.

So, although my inclination is to high-tail it to Tucson, I think it would be more rewarding to take the long way around, see the sights, visit people, take my time. Once I get to Tucson, I settle into a routine. Whether I do that routine for 6 weeks or 8 weeks--I'll never remember later.