On the road again...

Traveled to Crookston and Grand Forks today, peddling books. What a beautiful day to be out for a drive. Got so taken up with the weather that I forget half the things I was assigned to pick up in Grand Forks. So, I had better go somewhere civilized tomorrow, too. Maybe Detroit Lakes. Or Bemidji.

Ate at the China Moon in Crookston, a popular lunch-time venue. Ran into friend Sheila and her son, so we ate together. The only thing that prevented me from eating too much was the length of the line at the buffet. By too much, I mean a third trip. Two trips is okay. I like the "take a new plate each time" rule. It's good to start from scratch each trip. Makes me feel like less of a glutton.

I am waiting for the other shoe to drop on my dietary habits. Too many buffets! So many good meals cooked by relatives! I am sure at some point I will not be able to eat like I do without adding padding, but it hasn't happened yet. About this time each year I can stop wearing a belt without my pants falling down to my knees. I suppose if I just let them fall down half-way, I would at least be fashionable. Couldn't walk, but I would be cool. What a relief to be too old to be cool.

At stores today, everybody was very nice. No grouchiness at all, even for a traveling book peddler. Maybe it is because the sun was out. I notice the difference in other people's demeanor when the skies are sunny. And in mine!