Just enough snow to ski

Yesterday's dusting of snow gathered together in sufficient drifts at the edges of the field and in the yard to allow me to cross country ski this afternoon. It is quite still, a little breeze from the west, and perfectly clear. Quite beautiful! Stopped still for a while in the woods. A plane droned overhead. A tractor growled on a nearby farmstead. Sounds travel so far on quiet winter days.

So many logs down in the woods from windstorms over the past two decades. Much of it is rotting, although some trees, particularly ash, that didn't fall all the way to the ground would still be good. Dad has sawed enough firewood to supply both our houses for a long time, but there's more to be had. All those downed trees make me tempted to put up one of those external wood stoves outside the office building so we could make use of the BTUs. I bounced this idea off Dad, and it bounced right back at me. He immediately recognized that this was one of those deals where I have the idea and he does the work.

Second entrepreneurial idea (if you can call it that) of the ski jaunt: Why not plant 100 acres of fast-growing ash for eventual use as firewood? You could start harvesting in 8 years, and could continue to heat your house from the stand of trees for decades.

Answer: Its too much work!