A view from the moon...

Astronauts aren't introspective sorts. In fact, most of them were hard-driving, hard-drinking hyper-achievers. But even that bunch returned from space with broad observations about earth and its inhabitants, inspired by their view of our blue globe from an unprecedented distance. Many of them said their first reaction was: there are no borders!

Perspective. It is the key. It is everything. Back away, view things from a distance, view yourself from a distance, view your problems from a distance, back away from the daily newspaper dramas; humility and calm are often the result.

We innately fight off larger perspectives, anything which distracts from our worries, however much we are aware of the beneficial effect of a broader view. Can't get away for a vacation, too much to do, but when we do--boy, does it feel good to be going south on I-29. What were we so worried about? We were worried that getting away might rob us of our delusion that we are the center of it all.

From the moon, how would it all look? A big blue globe with no sign of human habitation. Oh, you would know in your head that there are a couple of billion human ants crawling around down there, making nests, reproducing, fighting, carrying on, basking in the delusion that the whole blooming universe was created for them alone. But from the moon all that busyness would likely look a little silly.