I make more money on this weblog than United Airlines made all last year

This weblog is just like having my own daily newspaper, but without the start-up costs! In fact, it is a break-even venture--no income, no expenses--making it more profitable than most daily newspapers. And yesterday, according to the statistics, which aren't entirely accurate, about 100 people visited the site. I am getting to old to say this, but I will anyway: Cool! Thanks.

The profit/loss statement of this weblog venture--no income, no expenses--illustrates a philosophy I have come to like: Better to do nothing and accumulate no debt than to busily build and spend your way into long-term servitude. It amazes me that people are so eternally busy; it amazes me even more that most of them seem to be going backwards.

So on a day like today when it is snowing and cold and there really is nothing important to do, at least I can comfort myself knowing that by sitting in my chair and staring out the window I am not doing something stupid that costs a lot of money. Took a while to learn that one, I'll tell you. The lesson was costly, but worth it.