I wasn't going to talk about Michael Jackson!

But good grief. I turned on the tube tonight, and there it was, the Michael Jackson story splashed all over cable. Legal experts pontificating. The hosts of news shows, furs borrowed, digging into the minutia. The stream of text running on the bottom...Jackson was injected with a sedative to get him on the plane...Jackson demanded that the plane go to South America...Jackson was quoted as saying "It's not fair!"...Jackson was forced to his seat by his bodyguards...blah, blah, blah.

Sickening? Yes! Irresistible? Yes! Just like all tabloid stuff. You get nauseated by it, and then watch more of it. Talk about somebody who has been chewed up by the American Media Fame Machine since he was about three years old. Now he looks as grotesque as a doll head that survived a house fire. Of course he's a victim, and of course he's probably guilty. And so are the stupid parents who were dazzled by his fame and let their kids stay over with Whacko Jacko. If the school janitor had a sleep over for 8-year-old boys--whoa! But Jacko's famous! Maybe we'll be famous, too! Now Johnny, it's just about time to go to Michael's!