Another missing person case

The disappearance of UND student Dru Sjodin is dominating local news. We always say things like that don't happen around here, but the fact is they often do. A girl in Hallock disappeared a few years ago. Her body was found in a gravel pit. Jacob Wetterling disappeared a few miles to the south. He was never found. A woman disappeared from Twin Valley two years ago. Her body was discovered north of Fertile. Her husband was finally convicted of killing her this fall. A little girl disappeared in Underwood, MN, not so far from here, about 15 years ago. Her father had killed her. Jeanna North disappeared in Fargo. A released sex offender finally admitted to killing her. For as little population as we have up here, we have had more than our share of bizarre missing person cases. Or does this go on all over the country?