Rewind to 1991

Pulled out the old video of the 7th game of the 1991 World Series between the Twins and the Atlanta Braves tonight and watched the last five innings.

The 1991 World Series was very dramatic--possibly the most dramatic seven game World Series ever played. Every game was tight. Game Seven went ten innings with no score. Yet, the Series has been largely forgotten now just 12 years later. When people talk about great World Series, 1975 is still the one they mention first.

Why? Fenway Park vs. the Metrodome. You just can't have a legendary World Series in a plastic bubble no matter what happens between the lines. The 1975 World Series had Carlton Fisk's legendary home run off the left field foul pole on the Green Monster at Fenway. The 1991 World Series had Kirby Puckett's legendary home run--over a plexiglass barrier. It just ain't the same! Green grass and history and tradition matter, at least to the collective memory of baseball fans. We in Minnesota will never forget 1991, but most everybody else has.