Turkey caper

I was originally supposed to go down to Twin Valley this morning to pick up Great Aunt Olla and bring her to Aunt Ede's for Thanksgiving dinner, but Olla had a bad cold so she backed out last night. However, she wondered if I wouldn't bring a little dinner down to her after we were done with festivities at Ede's.

While I was visiting with cousins as the celebration wound down, Ede fixed up Olla's meal. I got ready to go, picked up a plateful of pie--a little of each kind, pecan-pumpkin, blueberry-lemon and pumpkin, and asked Ede where she had put the rest of the meal. Oh, its on the porch.

I went out on the porch with the pie plate and saw a box which contained two Cool Whip containers. I put the pie in the box and left, a little puzzled that Ede had managed to get a sampling of her complete meal--which included about two dozen dishes--in two Cool Whip containers.

Got down to Olla's at about six p.m., and she was hungry. Olla dug into the Cool Whip containers. But there was no turkey! There was no dressing, either. Just potatoes and green beans.

Something was fishy. I called Ede. She said she had put five Cool Whip containers in the box. Three were missing.

We decided it was dogs. There are three stray dogs in the neighborhood, and they must have taken the containers with the dressing, turkey, some pheasant, and the gravy. So no turkey this Thanksgiving for Aunt Olla!

Well, that was fine. Olla sees the best in every situation, and she wasn't that hungry anyway. Ede assured her she would freeze some and bring it down soon.

But the missing turkey wasn't the only disappointment. Turns out Olla was hoping that we cousins, who once had formed a quartet, would practice the songs for her funeral since we were together anyway. In fact, she had wanted it recorded--shades of when Grandpa used to tell us which verses of the table grace to sing when he couldn't be there himself.

There were so many kids running around, it was just chaos. Ede didn't bring up that we were supposed to sing. I hadn't been informed. I did see the hymnal opened up to Olla's favorite songs on the piano, so I wondered what was up, but we never did get around to singing.

Olla quickly recovered from that disappointment, and it was on to future visions. Olla and I have been planning to go to the Felton cafe before I leave for Arizona. We figured next week sometime would work.

I said I will pick you up at 11:30 Tuesday and we'll go from there. Disappointment crossed Olla's face. I knew that wouldn't do. Turns out she was envisioning us having breakfast at the Felton Cafe, not noon lunch. Okay, I'll come earlier, I said. We can leave at 10:00, and then when we get to the Felton Cafe, we can have either lunch or breakfast, whatever you want to order.

More look of disappoinment. No, we must have breakfast. Both of us, she said. I doubled over laughing. Now I knew the full extent of the Felton Vision. It was that both of us eat breakfast at the Felton Cafe. Olla could stand moving the time, but only if I agreed to order breakfast.

So, next Tuesday it is. We will go to the Felton Cafe for breakfast. Then on to Fargo to pick up a music box the Hallmark store. And then whatever else pops up!