Have you started packing yet?

No. I am planning to leave for Arizona at the end of the week, so I will start packing the morning of departure. I have not yet figured out how people can start packing for a trip a week, or even a day, in advance. Don't you need the things you are packing to function in the meantime?

Last year, I took too much stuff. Extra stuff. Stuff I didn't wear. Stuff I didn't use. Feels stupid to load all that stuff back into the pickup before you come home again. What was I thinking when I packed that?

The year before, I left on a whim and took only one suitcase and a satchel. Plus a box of books. That was more fun. When I got to my room in Tucson, it took two trips up the stairs for the whole works.

Part of the charm of leaving is leaving behind your stuff. It cleans out one's mind. It is part of the solitude of being gone not to drag one's stuff along. That said, I'll probably still pack way too much.