Blaming the victim

In response to the two recent abduction attempts, one successful, the other not, I have heard more than a couple of mumblings about how young girl dress so skimpy these days, what do they expect? My response: Even if they walk around naked, that is no excuse for some neanderthal to club them over the head with a blunt object and haul them back to his cave.

Always, always, always, when females are sexually assaulted, there is somebody willing to suggest that "she was asking for it." This is completely ugly and offensive. I don't care how skimpy they dress, or even how suggestive their behavior, women have a right to accept or reject any physical advances. No type of clothing, or lack thereof, justifies males in making unwanted advances. Ever.

Now, skimpy clothing may or may not be tasteful. It usually isn't. But that is a separate matter from saying a person is inviting a possibly deadly sexual assault by a stranger by showing her belly-button.