One more Twin hits the road

LaTroy Hawkins has signed with the Cubs. This is a loss. LaTroy has been with the Twins for 13 years. He turned his career around when pitching coach Rick Anderson changed his pitching motion. Suddenly he picked up a few miles-per-hour on his fastball and became nearly unhittable. I would rather they kept LaTroy and let Eddie Guardado go. I still don't trust Eddie, as much as I enjoy watching him.

Now, the Twins are trying to trade Eric Milton and Jacque Jones. You hate to see them part with a good starting pitcher (Milton), but Jones--he just could never lay off the low inside curveball. He hit .300, but how I don't know how. His attitude has been great. It was fun to watch his big smile as he stood on first base after a hit. But if they keep Shannon Stewart, they will have improved in left field.

The Twins are required to make some moves due to their payroll limit, a discipline imposed by owner Carl Pohlad. I like it. It is more fun to be a fan of a team with some financial discipline. It provides an excuse to cut out the dead wood.

I think they should trade Mientkewitz. He's great with the glove at first base, but his mouth moves faster than his brain. His hitting is sporadic, and so is his fielding. When he's hot, he can steal three runs a week--or in a single game--with his glove, but he hasn't been all that hot for two years. Next year is going to be a transition year anyway--they could afford to hand the position to Justin Morneau and let him learn on the job.

If they trade anybody, they should get pitching in return. Pitching, pitching, pitching. You can never have too much.