Turkey delivery completed, finally

The delivery of Aunt Ede's turkey to Great Aunt Olla went smoothly yesterday. She dug right in. Olla had some great-tasting custard pie she had made on hand (making the pie nearly killed her, she forgot the sugar, so mixed it in after the pie was hot in the oven), so I snarfed down a couple of pieces of that. A favorite. The trip to the Felton Cafe was canceled, as Olla's cold is proving to be quite stubborn. It it tougher when you are 92 yrs. old.

We had a training session on Olla's music machine, a combination CD player, old-time phonograph, and cassette player. The most difficult thing for myself and others with CDs is getting the stupid plastic case open. We perfected a method yesterday, which I had Olla repeat several times until it went smoothly. I remember Grandpa's frustration with CDs. He loved their sound, so bought a bunch of them, as well as a $1000 stereo system to play them on (I was surprised he had that much in his account), but he could never get the CD cases open, so the stereo wasn't used much. Finally, he scribbled the directions for opening the cases in Sharpie marker on the case. OPEN HERE, plus arrows for where the fingers should be for best results.

We skipped the Sharpie pen on the CD cases with Olla yesterday after our rehearsals of the procedure, but I did draw a diagram of the buttons on the machine, in Sharpie marker, so Olla can operate it in my absence. She has decided that once she gets her apartment in order all she is going to do is listen to music for the rest of her life. I doubt this will ever happen. The apartment, which looks fine to me, has not been "in order" for the past ten years. Order in the apartment is always postponed due to the constant road trips with Florence. The road trip itself only takes a day, but the recovery time can stretch into a week. (See the archives for the past history of Florence and Olla) In that time, no progress is made on the apartment. And then people stop by all the time, so its really difficult to get anything done. Oh well.