There's a lot of people who want what we've already got

Neighbor Jim, who rents my farmland, came over this morning for some papers to sign. A philospher-farmer, Jim always has a few good stories to tell.

One from this morning: Following a reunion with some high school classmates, Jim was a little blue, thinking he could have done a little more with his life, perhaps. The old "just a farmer" thoughts.

Then, he stopped for a burger in Winger, and overheard two couples talking about the wonderful, wonderful retirement home built by another couple. Oh, its just beautiful, they said, a quarter mile off the main road, in a nice grove of trees, with beautiful flower beds and a nice view over a little field, with a big room with lots of windows. Jim realized they were pretty much describing his situation as it was at present! He left the restaurant purged of any regrets.

ANOTHER NEIGHBOR and farmer philosopher named Paul called last night to vent about the dumb new address system that has turned every little dirt road into a street or avenue. Now they have put up signs at every corner! He made a good point that hadn't occurred to me: All of these street signs--thousands of them--have to run into the hundreds of thousands of dollars to make and put up--and this at a time when counties are strapped for money! Who pushed this through? Why? Everybody hates the system! Nobody out here wants to live on 380th Avenue! Nobody needs or wants to be told that the road by the Erickson place is 280th Street North! And yet, the signs went up, without any apparent discussion. I want to get to the bottom of this, but have thus far been foiled.