Hint, hint, hint--

Just read a story in the Grand Forks Herald online edition about the abduction in Fertile. The crux of the story was that the county attorney was going to announce some details this afternoon.

However, the story, written by Stephen Lee, hinted very strongly--without saying it--that people now think the girl made up the story. "I believe the girl, not the rumors," said Laura Pierson. The superintendent of schools called a meeting to get people to maintain their vigilance. Wrestling coach Brian Lindberg "reiterated" his story that the girl was bloody and confused when she reached his house on foot. An anonymous woman (I think I know just who she is) said something to the effect that she didn't fear for her safety anymore, and that local law enforcement officials can protect Fertile just fine on their own. Add a harumph here, if it is who I think it is.

Well. A very interesting piece of journalism. While not openly saying that the girl's story was in doubt, it quoted a bunch of people defending her against...rumors. From unnamed people. It seems that this piece is laying the groundwork for a story later tonight that might lay the whole thing to rest.