Winged Migration

While channel surfing in the hotel room (funny, I never watch TV at home, even with 200 channels, but put me in a hotel...) I ran across what I thought at first was a typical nature documentary.

It was not. The film mesmerized me for well over an hour. It was only at the conclusion of the film that I found out its title, Winged Migration. At times during the film, I was so astounded by the camera shots that I assumed it was special effects. I immediately went on the internet after the film ended and read reviews until it was confirmed: there were no special effects used in the film.

Somehow, they flew with birds as they migrated, so close that you could hear the feathers rustle. Not just geese, either. All kinds of birds. In all kinds of scenery, some familiar, most exotic. There was almost no narration, and the music was wonderful. There was humor and sadness, interactions between birds and humans which ranged from the beautiful to the ugly, unbounded natural grace as well as sudden predatory violence.

The film plays again on the STARZ network on Saturday at 11:45 am. It is an absolutely beautiful way to spend 89 minutes.