Ahem....never mind that Fertile abduction thing

Well, it hasn't hit the web yet, but I called back to Fertile and they had announced on the news there that the Fertile abduction was a hoax. All you can say is: whatever. Good thing it was a hoax, of course, but...wow. I do feel sorry for the girl. I recall how little judgment I had at that age, and I was just plain lucky that I didn't do anything that stupid. I had the imagination for it.

In fact, I might have done something that stupid, but you'll never find out about it.

So, if the story reported on the local news back home is true, and the Fertile abduction was a hoax perpetrated to get attention, or for whatever reason, let's be easy on the girl. For gosh sakes, the embarrassment is going to be punishment enough for her. She's sixteen. Wipe the slate clean.