Rapid City to Castle Rock, CO

What is it about these hotel check-in people--when you ask for a room, they start staring at the computer screen like it is the first time they've ever checked anybody in. Then they tap, tap, tap on the keyboard for fifteen minutes, and act sort of surprised when it all goes through, as if I am supposed to feel fortunate that their system worked.

At the old hotel in Rapid City, I was the only visible guest, but still it took the mousy little girl about ten minutes to get to the point where she needed my credit card. I was astonished, but she didn't seem at all troubled by the delay.

The same girl was at the desk this morning. After watching the Weather Channel, I decided to head south instead of west. I asked, what is the best way to Denver? Well, she was full of information on that. Must have a boyfriend there. Don't take this road, there are 50 cops on that road all the time, take this one, here's a short cut, on and on and on.

I took her advice, and the weather was clear south--but I neglected to find out that they had 10 inches of snow yesterday! Ice pack for 230 miles until I hit the freeway at Kimball, NE. Then it was clear sailing until an accident slowed things to a crawl in downtown Denver. Once I got through the traffic jam, my eyes were tired, so I pulled over here in Castle Rock. I can see the Castle Rock outside my window.

Get me south! I was going to look around Jackson Hole, then go farther west, but good grief, one day of driving on snow pack is enough for me. My eyes are sore. Too much tension. Too many times getting blinded by slush mixed with gravel. And, a new nick on my windshield.

Ate noon dinner in Scott's Bluff NE at a Chinese Restaurant called Wonderful House. I love the name. The food was average. Did you know that the typical meal at a Chinese restaurant has three to four times the fat of a Big Mac? Just thought I would throw that in.