Guardado gone

Friend Mark from New Jersey called this afternoon on the cell phone. He was stuck in traffic in Jersey, and I was stuck in traffic in Denver. He had just heard that Everyday Eddie Guardado signed with the Mariners.

Well, Eddie has never been my favorite. When push came to shove, he made things too interesting. I also was really upset with both he and LaTroy Hawkins this summer when they started whining about their contracts. Both of them were under contract at the time for a couple million per year--you'd think they could have kept their mouth shut and just played ball. But no, they go to the newspapers and whine that they aren't wanted, and right then the Twins go into a slide, losing something like 22 of 28 games.

Now they're both gone. Hawkins, despite his whining, would have been nice to have around next year. Love to watch that 95 mph fastball. Eddie? He'll be around the league for a few more years, but his statistics (and thus his salary expectations) were inflated because he was babied by Gardenhire. He wasn't put in many tough situations, and when he was, he made things worse.

It's going to be a different Twins team next year. So far, I like what they've done. Good thing they kept Shannon Stewart. LaTroy and Eddie--time for them to go. AJ? He was a whiner, too. Let's start from scratch. Trade Jacque Jones, while you're at it--and entertain offers for Mientkiewitz.