A cold day in Tucson

Cold, by Tucson standards, that is. High in the sixties today. Brrr. Some clouds. Tucson has an average of 12 cloudy days per year, and this must be one of them.

Tucson's most prevalent convenience store/gas station is the Circle K. There are over 100 of them in the city. I was filling at one today, and a woman screeched in with her van, got out, and announced that she had left her gas cap a few minutes before. Everybody was concerned. I looked in the garbage can. She looked around the pumps. The clerks inside said they hadn't seen one, or had one turned in. After about five minutes of panic, the woman said, "Well, maybe it wasn't this Circle K," jumped in and left.

The hotel where I am staying also houses guest opera soloists for the reknowned Tucson opera. I met a few two years ago. Well, they must be in town. This morning, somebody was singing arias in the shower in a room nearby. The sound carries through the bathroom vents. So, an accapella concert in the bathroom this morning started the day out....right.

It will take a while to get used to Tucson traffic. Last night, it took 40 minutes to reach Mom and Dad's apartment where I went for supper. Mom had a back route which I took back to the hotel. It took only 18 minutes. There is only one freeway in Tucson, and that runs right through the middle. Otherwise, the city is laid out on a grid of main streets one mile apart. Very easy to navigate. However, you aren't allowed to make left turns in the middle of the block. Instead, you go to the main intersection and make a U-turn. U-turns, which are frowned upon in the rest of the country, are a staple of Tucson driving.