Fertile's oldest resident dies

Ella Ellegaard died this week at age 107. She lived in her own home up to last spring when she went into Fair Meadow nursing home in Fertile. They threw a birthday bash at Fair Meadow for Ella this fall. Afterwards, she sent a gracious note of thanks in the Fertile Journal, as usual.

Ella kept most of her marbles up to the end, although the last time I was at Fair Meadow she insisted she was 112 years old. I didn't argue. How often to you get people adding five years to their age?

She wore an emergency beeper around her neck the last years she was in her house. She would often bump it by accident, and the paramedics knew enough just to drive by her house--she would wave from the kitchen window if she was okay.

Ella gardened, baked and cooked until she was well over 100 years old. She had a heavy Scandinavian accent, heavier than you usually hear nowadays. In one of her last interviews with the local paper, she bemoaned the fast pace of life these days, saying that even though life might be easier, "it's not all good." She was a local treasure.