Something's Gotta Give

Attended the above movie last night. I think it is the first movie I have seen in a theater in four years. It was a sweet, harmless, feel-good movie starring Jack Nicholson and Diane Keaton. There was no violence. That is important to me, as I get nightmares when they have blood spattering all over.

Diane and Jack fall in love. That's the basic plot. Jack is an aging philanderer and Diane is an emotionally cold divorcee. They hate each other at first but eventually make each other cry. This means they have gotten in touch with themselves, at which point Jack dumps his harem of bimbos for Diane and Diane dumps Keanu Reeves, twenty years her junior, for Jack.

I think they both blew it, frankly.

The last scene of the movie features a thoroughly domesticated Jack tossing his baby step-granddaughter in the air in a fancy restaurant, after which he surrepetitously gropes Diane as if they were teenagers.

I think this is what they call a chick flick. The tough man is tamed--I would say neutered. The emotionally cold woman discovers she can act like a teenager again, and oh what a relief that is. You don't want to lose the ability to sob and giggle. How refreshing to have your serene post-menopausal world turned upside down by a hairy gorilla with a gut.

The movie ends in a happily-ever-after scene, which is a necessity for a chick flick, but which sort of robs the whole thing of credibility for me. C'mon! It's never that simple.