Astronomical clarifications

I asked astronomer Ron Fevig to look over the account I wrote below of our conversation about the solar system, since no doubt I lost some of it in translation. I will let Ron do the talking:
(1) The largest main-belt asteroid, 1 Ceres, is a little over 900 km in
diameter or almost 600 miles across (not 200 miles).

(2) Long ago it was thought that the asteroid main-belt might have been
the result of a single planet that disintegrated. It is now believed
that numerous "protoplanets", small bodies that never formed one big
body due to Jupiter's influence, occupied the region and through
collisions have been ground down to the asteroids we now see.

(3) Only some of the comets originate in the Oort cloud. Many come from
the Kuiper Belt region just beyond Neptune.

The Oort cloud (sounds like it was discovered by a Dutch astronomer) is the name of the spherical orb of matter which surrounds the solar system far beyond the orbit of Pluto.

Thanks, Ron.