Keaton and Roberts, cont.

Well, I was wrong on Julia Roberts--she was raised in rural Georgia, not the Midwest. I have been to rural Georgia and found the people there very sweet and gracious, consistent with Roberts' on-screen persona.

However, Diane Keaton was raised in Los Angeles and then moved to New York where she was, of all things, romantically involved with Woody Allen. Yuck. He was yucky even before he started dating his children. She eventually moved on to Warren Beatty. More yuck. So, her judgement in real life romance is as bad as it was in the movie "Something's Gotta Give." I guess I see in Keaton somebody who was a child of the 1960s and was oh-so-liberated, yet it is obvious to everybody but herself that all she really wants, despite her liberated ideals, is for some neanderthal to club her over the head and take her back to his cave. She can never acknowledge the contradiction, so her life is spent in endless coffee chats with fellow baby-boomers pondering their mysterious selves, attempting to justify their primal romantic urges in psychobabble terms. "I dunno, maybe its just that I like the sort of man who..." Oh, shut up.