Spaetzels for Christmas

To the extent that we have family traditions at Christmas, one has been to eat German food. My mother is all German, so we often have ribs, sauerkraut and spaetzels (boiled bits of dough). However, since Mom, Dad and I are in Tucson, they took me out to a German restaurant for our Christmas Eve meal. The spaetzels were delicious.

We opened a few gifts ahead of time. We all have enough, so our gifts are small and fun. Mom gave me a bottle of horseradish sauce in response to my recent love for that delicacy. Also a gift card for Barnes and Noble--always a good thing. And some candy. Amongst other things, Dad gave me a pair of butter knives carved from poplar wood that he picked up at a local Nordic festival. I have a thing for poplar wood. It is the most prevalent wood in northern Minnesota, and it has a beautiful grain, but it is seldom used in construction.

After we went out to eat, I got out the binoculars and we looked at the stars for a bit. Mom and Dad's apartment is on the north edge of Tucson where the sky is darker. We saw a few nice things, but it is clear that I need to continue to study the sky if I am to give adequate tours.