More on northern lights noise

I just checked on the internet, typing in the term "audible aurora borealis." Seems that the discovery I outlined below is recent enough that it hasn't hit the internet yet, for there are webpages galore attempting to explain why northern lights make noise that is simultaneous with their flashes.

Serious scientists postulated the following possibilities:

--Some sort of radio waves react to people's fillings or inner ear.
--The phenomena is purely psychological, even though it shows up in Eskimo lore from centuries past
--The northern lights causes a reaction in spruce needles which makes them rustle
--The matter which burns up in the atmosphere causing the northern lights actually comes down and hits the spruce needles. (Remember, it's all spruce up in Alaska.)

Type in "audible aurora borealis" in Google and read for yourself about the mystery which has apparently been solved in the past few months.