Vikings aftermath

People are writing of heartbreak in Vikingsland after their last second loss yesterday. My heart remains intact. I went to the game, yes, but I am not much of a fan. I put the loss out of my mind immediately after the fact. This is not baseball, after all!

I wore my Twins cap yesterday. I don't own a Vikings cap. There were many Twins caps in the stands. There were also some UND jackets. So, when Jim Kleinsasser, a UND alum, caught a pass for a big gain, I yelled, "Go Sioux!" Sure enough, three guys six rows down jerked their heads around and cheered. Who else but a UND alum would understand that "Go Sioux" didn't mean I was rooting for one of the cheerleaders?

But what a difference between attending a baseball game, where the fans are generally genteel, and a football game, where they are just plain crude. I don't care if I ever attend a football game again. You can't see much. Televised football is far better. And I am too old to enjoy the juvenile camaraderie.

If nothing else, the end of the Vikings season means it can't be long before the pitchers report to spring training.