When the wind turned from south to north last night, it didn't take long for things to cool off. It looks like we're in for a cold snap until at least Christmas.

Makes it tough on the carpenters out at the Swamp Castle. They put the garage doors on today. They had the big Nepco heater in there, which took the edge off. Brian, the plumber/heating/electricity man was there as well, getting the boiler ready. Tomorrow, he will fill the floor heat tubes with anti-freeze and water. Later in the week, the woodstove will be filled with about 120 gallons of antifreeze and water.

A FEW DAYS ago, I booked a connecting flight to Dallas to meet up with my tour group that is going to Mexico City at the end of January. With the air miles on my credit card, it was easy. I always assume they are going to black out the flight times I need, but it worked out.

So, while I was on the phone getting tickets to Dallas, I inquired about tickets to Tucson for my friend Lance and myself. I love Tucson, and it is fun to show somebody around who has never been there before.

Well, I could get two tickets for free, plus free car rental. So, I jumped and did it. We leave New Year's Day. I cannardly wait.

IT IS A BIT TOUGH to figure out what to do with the evenings now that I don't have to prepare for classes. I am glad to be done teaching school for the forseeable future, but it was an awful lot of fun. I learned a whole lot as well. I had never even studied most of what was in the World Civilization textbook, so I got a real education preparing for class.