Crisp and beautiful

Am getting going late on the Christmas shopping. Late in the season, and late in the day. It isn't a big deal because I have in mind what I am going to buy. It is just to go get it all. I don't understand this getting one's gifts in November.

The heat is on in the garage of the house. The Kronsch boys are frantically insulating to keep it inside. However, once the wood stove gets hooked up, the house will basically have free heat, so I don't mind a few kilowatts going through the cracks for the next few days if it keeps the guys warm.

Once the heat goes on, I can spend some time grinding the dirt off the big beams with the wire brush. Also, there is a lot of painting and sealing which can be done.

The weather the past couple of days has been very cold--below zero--but not so windy. It is bearable until you start feeling your feet freezing up.

All of my utilities, including a boiler, a hot water heater, all the piping to the floor heat, electric, and so on, are hanging from the back wall of the garage. Dean pointed out today that I won't want to slide into the back of the garage--could be costly.

Man, I hope that doesn't happen!