After a bountiful Christmas Eve meal featuring flaming ham, Joe picked up the string bass he is borrowing from the Fertile school for a time and started thumping. We took turns at the piano, with Mom and Joe doing particularly well at making up cabaret versions of old hymns. Eventually, we stood around the piano singing just like a picture out of an ad for EZ Learn piano lessons in Reader's Digest.

Gifts: Good books, good socks, some food, home-made note cards, a scarf. Nice things, thoughtful gifts, nothing excessive.

Today, six of us loaded up in Mom and Dad's van and headed to Detroit Lakes to Aunt Pam's place. A major spread. Fun visiting.

Tonight: A sense of disorientation. Actually turned on the TV. Tomorrow is Sunday. Nothing scheduled. I think it is a good idea to have Christmas on a weekend, but even still, this most major of holidays at this chilly time gives me jet lag.