News of the day

•I am excited that a bi-partisan group of legislators in Minnesota is endorsing a plan to increase nursing home funding by 5%. This after nursing homes have absorbed up to 40% in cuts over the past few years. This is going to keep many nursing homes from closing, if it passes. Call your legislator!

•Meanwhile, the bulk of North Dakota legislators distinguish themselves as bumbling neanderthals. Wow. And they are a majority.

•Chuck Hagel's confirmation moves slowly forward, despite Senate Republicans' revenge politics. The United States Senate must revise its rules and discard some of its stupid traditions, especially those which allow an intransigent minority to block all business. This has been going on for about 180 years, since the southern Democrats would obstruct anything having to do with slavery. Nothing good has ever come of Senate obstruction as far as I know, although I am open to hear of cases proving the opposite. 

•Why in the world is it okay to eat cows but not horses? I think cows get short shrift. People protest horses as food fur stores, but do they ever stand outside the steakhouse? McDonalds? They should picket baseball stadiums. Baseball players catch the ball with cow skin--stop to think of it, the ball itself is wrapped in cow skin. What if it were puppy skin?  I stand with cows! Although I will continue to eat them. Not as often as I each chickens and fish, but often enough. Oh, and I love eating pigs and they are more intelligent than horses! What gives? It is a dog-eat-horse world out there, people. Get over it. 

•Those darn Republicans. Now some of them are endorsing gay marriage. Where are the bigots going to go? How are they going to save their own marriages from this grave assault? Where can they hide so they don't have to see people different from them? How can they recover the freedom to impose their morals on the general populace?