Los Angeles

 Lance and I left from Phoenix for Los Angeles this morning. It was a six hour drive, and featured LA traffic in spades for the last hour. Wow. This place is something else. 

We went to Culver City, which is a suburb, to visit a sister Lance recently discovered named Sarah. I had a picture of us all, but the site is not loading right now. 

Sarah lives in an area of town known as Little Ethiopia. There are dozens of Ethiopian restaurants. Dozens. We picked one and had  a great meal. 

The entrees come on an enormous platter. You scoop them up with teff bread, which is like a crepe. Very good flavor. 

Lance just met his sister last month. She works for a video game company. Her job makes no sense to me, but it does to Lance. They talked shop the whole time. Wow. There are worlds out there I do not understand. 

The two share a father who lives in St. Lucia, an island in the Caribbean. It is thrilling for Lance to discover and meet Sarah. He has five more new siblings to meet. 

The congestion is quite something in Los Angeles. The reason for it is obvious, too. The weather is spectacular. It was 86 degrees up in the hills outside of LA when we were driving past snow-covered peaks. Down closer to the ocean it went down to 81. 

Tomorrow, up to the Yosemite area.