Swamp castle progress report

The house is moving along. I have spent a couple of hours the past couple of days grinding the big wood beams with a steel brush on a hand held grinder. If I do just a couple of sides per day, it will be done in no time.

More soffet work for Jeff and Dean today. We spent some time talking about the catwalk. The plan is taking shape. It will be suspended by cables, that much is now established. I will buy the cable in Fargo on Monday.

The wood boiler kept up all night. Jeff threw some wood in the morning. It is a pity to burn big oak chunks which might have made some pretty nice lumber, but they sure work. The boiler will be challenged tonight when the wind turns north and the temperature plunges.

The Kronsch boys are moving inside now and will be starting on the stairwell sometime soon. Joseph the cabinet man was out yesterday and the day before. The kitchen plans are solidifying.

Joseph is having a little difficulty finding the right type of poplar wood for the cabinets. It seems that people ask him right off, "why are you using poplar?" as if it is crazy. Poplar is used, but it is almost always painted. I knew I wanted poplar when I saw some cabinets last year which had the most beautiful wood imaginable, only to find out that they were going to be painted. I decided then and there that it was my duty to show the beauty of poplar somewhere in my house.

The kitchen countertop choice is down to "moss" and "silt." Try to imagine what those might look like. I must have a thing for moss--I saw some paint I liked the other day, and turns out it was called "moss." It isn't the color of the luminescent moss that grows on the north side of tree stumps around here, but the muted, pewter green of Spanish moss that hangs from trees in the south.

So, the fun continues.