Here is what we should do in response to the Boston bombing: Keep calm and carry on. Except for the police work involved with solving the crime, we should move on in a hurry. No flags at half staff. No maudlin displays of injured national pride. No fear. No increased security. Nothing. Move on. Carry on. More people died and were injured in car accidents yesterday. We don't lower the flags for them. Why is it that when something happens in one place that we freak out as a nation and then do exactliy what the terrorists want: go bumbling into the Mideast with 100,000 troops to try to find the perpetrator? Police work is the answer, not maudlin national mourning. 

This is one of those days where Facebook becames unbearable due to the endless postings of crying bald eagles and other such nationalistic syrup. All sympathies to those who suffered injuries, but they are the same sympathies I have for Mrs. Ellen Nelson who died in a car crash in Pensacola, FL, or Herbert Severson who had a massive stroke in Appleton, WI, or Shalaqua Jackson who died in a drive-by shooting in Chicago, or any other human being who died yesterday. There was tragedy all over!